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"two are better than one - a three-fold cord cannot be broken"

Affiliated Networks

From a variety of backgrounds, taking AIM Credentials marks a minister’s commitment to walk personally and strategically with others in the AIM family, believing that dynamic unity is the key to God’s ‘commanded blessing’. (Psalm 133:3)

Liberia Allied Ministries (LAM)

Liberia Allied Ministries is a gathering of related leaders recognized as an Affiliated Network to AIM, given oversight by the local coordinators in relationship with Bill Davidson.

Jerrie G Addy I
Light of the World Evangelistic Ministries
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
Jessey Bedell
Victory Chapel, COGIC
Kakata,   Liberia
Korsee Belleh
Nyea-Luah Lutheran Church
Nyea-Luah, Gbapolu County   Liberia
V. Washington Blackie
Salvation & Deliverance Church
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
Harris Bondo
New Heaven and New Earth Ministry
Margibi,   Liberia
Paye Browne
Living Water Fellowship
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
George Christopher
Diaspora Global Ministries
Brewardville, Monrovia   Liberia
Akie W. Dolo
Christ Temple of Faith Ministry
Green Hill Community, Kakata   Liberia
James Dorbor
Living Water Fellowship
Monrovia,   Liberia
Ziama Farkollie
New Life in Christ Pentacostal Church
Kakata,   Liberria
Sam Flomo
Upper Room Christian Church
Totota, Bong County   Liberia
Michael M. Flomo, LAM Coordinator
Abundance Grace Minitries
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
MarkinTouch Fomba
Victory Outreach Church
Gbarnga, Bong County   Liberia
Abraham Freeman
Rhema Ministry
Madina Ministry, Kakata   Liberia
Ernest T. Gallah
Bethany Temple, COGIC
Kakata,   Liberia
Eric Gbogar
Love Center Ministries
Monrovia,   Liberia
Moses Gbolo
Borlia Lutheran Church
Borlia Town, Gbapolu County   Liberia
Moses Jallah
Christian Faith Ministries
King Gray Community, ELWA, Monrovia   Liberia
Philip K. Jargbah
The Star of Bethlehem Church
Gardenersville, Monrovia   Liberia
Joseph Ketter
Christ Resurection Global Power Ministries
Kakata,   Liberia
Anthony D. Khoury
Apostolic Faith Ministries
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
James K.P. Kpanaku
Life in Faith Christien Center
Kakata,   Liberia
Albert Maley
Christ City Church
Kakata,   Liberia
David Maley
Living God Power & Praise Ministries
Kakata,   Liberia
Francis Mator
Mission forToday Holy Church
Kakata,   Liberia
Sam Momo
Kingdom Harvest Ministries
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
Dakar Mulbah
Life in Christ Faith Center Ministry
Kakata,   Liberia
J. Harris Myers
Global Divine Healing Ministries
Monrovia,   Liberia
James Numenee
Kpantar Apostolic Church
Gbapolu County,   Liberia
David N.T. Paye
Living God Church in Christ
Kpoe, Panta, Bong County   Liberia
Patrick D.K. Paye, LAM Coordinator
Victory Outreach Church
Gbarnga, Bong County   Liberia
Samson P.S. Quetoe, LAM Coordinator
Mission for Today Church
Kakata,   Liberia
Emmanuel Revees
Vision Grace Ministry (NAOMI)
Matiala, Kakata   Liberia
Ableegar Bob Rufus
Mountain of Praise (KHM)
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
Benedee Sackie
Life in Faith Evangelistic Ministry
Kakata,   Liberia
James G. Samuel
Sheep Gate Church
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
Kwewu Scott
Bible Pathway Church
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
Alfred Seth
Provindence Mission
Kakata,   Liberia
James Costa Smith
Abie in the Vinex
Kakata,   Liberia
David Sumo
Word of Life Pentacostal Church
Borlia, Gbapolu County   Liberia
Thomas Sworh Sr
Victory Faith Temple
Gardenerville, Monrovia   Liberia
Mc-Tally Tarcheon
United Christian Fellowship Church
New Kru Town, Bushrod Island, Monrovia   Liberia
E. Washington Tarpeh
My Father's House Christian Church
East Duala, Monrovia   Liberia
Henry Tokpah
Kornee Yaepolue Lutheran Church
Kornee Yaepolue, Gbapolu County   Liberia
John Tokpah
Christ Evangelistic Ministries
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
Perry S Tokpah
New Heaven New Earth MInistry
Kakata,   Liberia
Barwea Toteh
Liberia Christian Evangelical Ministries
Monrovia,   Liberia
Reagan Tuwan
God's Great Power Ministry
Kakata,   Liberia
Joseph Wheh
BEM Genesis Chapel
Sinkor Fiama, Monrovia   Liberia
Anaiah B.V. Williams
Christ Resurection Ministry
Kakata,   Liberia
Daniel B. Wilson III
New Life Free Methodist Church
Paynesville, Monrovia   Liberia
Ezekiah Yarpah
Christian Deliverance Ministries
Kakata,   Liberia

Harvest India

Kalavakuri Aruna
Daiva Sannidhi Prardhana Mandiram
Vijayawada, AP   India
Samuel Jacob
Harvest India
Bangalore, Karnataka   India
Pastor Revanna
Nambike Gudaara Sabhe
Bevinahally Village, Chitradurga   Karnataka India
Prabhu Thippaih
Gethsemane House of Prayer
Bengalore, Karnataka  

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