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"two are better than one - a three-fold cord cannot be broken"

Associate Ministers

From a variety of backgrounds, taking AIM Credentials marks a minister’s commitment to walk personally and strategically with others in the AIM family, believing that dynamic unity is the key to God’s ‘commanded blessing’. (Psalm 133:3)

Mauricio Alvarez
Loja,   Eccuador
Alfonso Beltron
Santa Rosa, Casado   Ecuador
Gustavo Cabrera
Verbo Cuenca
Cuenca, Azuay   Ecuador
Fabricio Cadena
El Guabo, Casado   Ecuador
Bob Capaldi
Verbo Cuenca
Cuenca,   Ecuador
Rob Capaldi
Cuenca, Azuay   Ecuador
Diego Espinosa
Verbo Quito
Quito,   Ecuador
John Guido
Verbo Cuenca
Cuenca,   Ecuador
Gregorio Saldana
Machala, Casado   Ecuador
Steve Schmidt
Frederick, MD   USA
Aaron Walters
River of God
Byron Center, MI   USA