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August 27th, 2020

Greetings from Aspher and Josphine Madziyire in Zimbabwe. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are now holding 3 services every Sunday and its working well.  This makes me work very hard to preach three times a day, but I am enjoying it. The church building is about one half full, many are very afraid of Covid-19 hence I also have a service online every Sunday.

Our mission work to remote areas continues. We have managed to carry out a few projects covering the areas which are ignorant of Covid-19, areas with social needs and providing support to the pastors in need in the rural areas. The country has continued to suffer the effects of coved 19 with crumbling economy.

Last week we travelled to Chivu and Buhera areas for missions work which was very successful. We thank God for divine protection we got favour with chiefs and political leaders welcomed the food items and the word. We spent a whole week drinking water from wells where woman go and draw water 4 kilometers away in 20 liter buckets and carry it home for bathing, cooking and drinking. It is our aim to do a long-term project of providing each community with wells for every ten houses to bring the important commodity close to all people especially the elderly who are not able to draw water on their own.

We also managed to meet pastors who are working in rural areas covering about 7 to 10 kilometers on foot. We managed to give bicycles to two pastors. We will keep on supplying as God provides the pastors were so excited. Mrs. Madziyire as usual provided groceries to needy families. We went with a car full of groceries and clothes which was received with great excitement. Once again may God bless you for providing to the needy.

Once again may GOD bless you.

Aspher Madziyire

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