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"two are better than one - a three-fold cord cannot be broken"

Conferences & Retreats

Church Conferences

John Dean at COTK

Several times each year, AIM team members travel together to meet and minister in a conference atmosphere. We take a peer based approach to team ministry. The spiritual giftedness of each team member is maximized. Team members model synergy as they work with each other during ministry sessions. Everyone is welcome! Contact the host church for conference details.

Ministers' Retreat

Ministers' Retreat

By the nature of their calling, Christian ministers are often in situations where they work alone. The  Ministers' Retreat is designed for men and women in vocational ministry and their spouses. This retreat is a safe place for ministers to gather with peers for spiritual refreshing, inspiration, and instruction from the Scriptures. The schedule is  designed to encourage ministers to spend time building relationships and ministering to one another.  Contact an Apostolic Company member for more information.

March 25-27, 2020           Hagerstown, Maryland

Ladies' Conference

Women's Conferences

Anointed women of God are a significant part of our Father's plan for the present season of harvest! AIM takes the call to equip and encourage women in ministry seriously. One aspect of our strategy to do so is to sponsor women's conferences. This provides an excellent environment where women can be ministered to by women.  These regional conferences are sponsored by a local congregation which can be contacted directly for more information.

May 1-3, 2020
River of God Church
Byron Center (Grand Rapids), MI
Contact Sheri Vruggink

Men's Summit

Summit 2007

Men from across the United States and around the world gather each fall in Maryland for the Men's Summit. Last year, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Haiti, Hungary, Italy, South Africa, and Zimbabwe were represented. We believe that personal relationships with peers lead to synergistic ministry. With this conviction in mind, the Summit schedule is planned to give priority time to spiritual refreshing and relationship building. Contact an Apostolic Company member for more information.

September 23-25, 2020
Myersville, Maryland

Combining Fires Men's Summit

Texas AIM Conference

November 7-9, 2019
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