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AIM Institute

The mission of AIM Institute is to provide a non-campus based theological and ministry education to individuals preparing for or currently serving in Christian ministry.

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Pauline Prison Epistles

Theology II

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What is AIM Institute?

The church of our Lord Jesus is on the move! Leaders who are prepared to equip are needed! AIM Institute, a ministry of Alliance International Ministries, is the tool we are building to respond to this opportunity. AIM Institute is designed to provide ministry and theological education to persons preparing for or currently serving in Christian ministry.

Our mission is to provide a curriculum of courses taught by AIM Ministers representing our vision, values and convictions provided at an affordable price on a hybrid distant learning platform which enables students to learn from home.

What does AIM Institute do?

AIM Institute has been providing training for Christian leaders since 2003. Our initial tactic was to send our instructors to teach a three-day intensive module in a local church. These intensive courses provided students with the opportunity to prepare for ministry while maintaining busy lives. Unfortunately, this approach provided limited opportunity for assignments and extended contact with the instructor. The 2020 Covid lock downs provided the opening to develop a hybrid approach.

Our hybrid approach enables AIM Institute to provide students with classroom and distance learning environments. In this format, most courses are covered in the traditional semester of twelve weeks.

  • Instructor lectures are video recorded. Each week students watch a lecture video at their convenience and complete course assignments. This provides a college level of delivery of instruction.
  • A second course requirement is to attend a Zoom video conference meeting with the teacher and classmates each week. This provides a relational opportunity to draw from the experiences and wisdom of the instructor and classmates.

Who is AIM Institute for?

AIM Institute is designed to serve in the ministerial preparation of two different groups of people who are preparing for Christian ministry.

  • Local church leaders and workers
  • Vocational Ephesians 4:11 Ministers

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Additional Information

  • While AIM Institute values academic excellence, it is our conviction that it is not only possible, but often advantageous, to prepare practitioners for ministry without following the traditional institutional model. That is to say, students may achieve greater academic excellence, and a higher degree of professional competence and proficiency as a result of an individually formulated and personally administered theological education.
  • Our non-traditional approach to training / education does not fit into the traditional accreditation paradigm. AIM Institute is not an accredited institution, nor does it seek to be at this time. No accredited diploma or degree is offered directly by the Institute.
  • The value of this program is found in the quality of the material provided and the impartation of Godly instructors.
  • AIM Institute values academic achievement. We do not use our lack of accreditation, nor a non-traditional and non-institutional approach as an excuse for poor academic standards. AIM Institute recognizes that students achieve academic excellence when standards are set. The value of high academic attainment begins with the selection of our faculty, each of whom has achieved significant academic and professional recognition.

AIM Institute maintains an open enrollment policy. Anyone meeting the admission requirements may enroll for individual courses for personal enrichment or to meet personal study goals. We encourage students to work with one’s pastor or mentor to develop a goal base program of courses.

Students begin by examining the course syllabus which will provide and introduction to the instructor, course requirements and schedule and then filling out an application form.

Application forms for each course will request a personal testimony of being born again and pastor recommendation.

Complete the course application on the AIMI website and submit. You will be contacted by the Institute office with further information.

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