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Bill Davidson and African church

Bill Davidson

December 1st, 2020

When the reaping is delayed, just keep sowing…

As kids, we sang it every year at harvest-time: ‘Come, ye thankful people, come, raise the song of harvest home; all is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin.’ 2020 has rarely been a year of ‘ingathering’ – more a year of working & waiting.

So, we’ve learned that ‘when the reaping is delayed, just keep sowing…’ In both Colombia and Liberia, we’re in a season of watching buildings being erected. The major development around the Chapinero-Alto district of Bogotá, Colombia will see members of our Iglesia Oasis re-housed from their ‘shanties’ into modern apartments, and the ministry of the church and the Esperanza Foundation occupying a brand-new community center. What a miraculous blessing!

In Monrovia, Liberia, the first floor of our Rise Liberia Academy is complete, and we are now working on raising $15,000.00 to set the second floor in place. What a transformation from the days when 150 children crammed into one room. However, we learned a long time ago that the priority is people, not the building they might occupy, but God loves to provide a home and dwelling-place for His people.

WE ARE LONGING to travel again to spend time with our beloved friends & colleagues in Liberia, Colombia and Spain. In the meantime, at this season of THANKSGIVING, we have so much for which to be THANKFUL.

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