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1 inspiring course, 2 languages, 3 continents, 4 pairs of team leaders, 23 couples

Together 4 Life

December 1st, 2020

1 inspiring course

2 languages

3 continents

4 pairs of team leaders

23 couples

Here’s something we can all raise a Hallelujah about – a great bunch of couples have just had some wonderful insight and encouragement into how their relationships could be enriched, through the inspiring ‘Together 4 Life’ Course.

The primary purpose of the course is to help couples improve their communication and ability to tackle areas of conflict and disagreement. By means of short talks, video clips and breakout personal discussions, couples were encouraged to explore many areas of their relationship, including all the ones we so often avoid because they cause friction!

The course is written from a Christian perspective, but that didn’t stop couples from Muslim or no-faith backgrounds participating. Everyone had the opportunity to discuss aspects of their relationships in a new, more open way. There was time to consider each other’s needs and priorities and to learn to listen to one another in positive ways.

Another of those ‘unexpected blessings’ from coronavirus meant that the course was delivered by Zoom technology. Which gave the team a superb range of options to support pretty much anyone who wanted to take part. Couples from Peru (S. America), Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone (Africa) joined couples from the UK, with live Spanish translation!

All the feedback has been wonderfully positive, with more than one couple remarking that they had been able to talk about things they’ve never addressed before. Others commented that they were learning how to do things differently in their relationship.

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