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London, England

December 29th, 2020

Church community connection

Since the first lockdown back in March we have been able to migrate a lot of our activities online. We have had 136 visit our Sunday morning zoom meetings, many of whom would not have been willing or able to step into our physical meeting. We have had friends from the Network join us and lead parts of Prayer meetings. We ran a marriage course in two languages, spanning three continents for 23 couples. These are things we didn’t imagine was possible before!

Local community

Inspired by Isaiah 9:2 ‘The people walking in darkness have seen a great light’ we felt this was an important time to announce there is Hope This Christmas. We gave out 700 candles to neighbors as a way of starting conversations, ran a zoom group to share stories of hope with those interested (8 attendees made a response to Jesus), and set up a Christmas display in a shop front which led to 200 conversations and 79 prayer requests including healing. Praise to our Lord!

Jamie Singleton

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