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Lifeline Africa families

Punduru, Sierra Leone

December 29th, 2020

Mohamed Turay (the team leader in Punduru): I want to thank God and the leadership of Lifeline for their support towards my family. Since 2016 when I was relocated to Punduru from the city Freetown, there were challenges within my family. My wife, Mabinty, and I hardly agreed when it came to matters of the children; there was no joy in my family, our home was ruined by the enemy. Initially, I thought those problems could be handle physically, but all my ideas failed except through prayers.

At the start of the Corona Pandemic, the government of Sierra Leone stopped all church meetings but later lifted it with some guidelines instituted for members to observe. Members continue to follow precaution by observing the social distance and putting on masks. During the crisis, there have been lot of testimonies in the church of God’s protection, provision and many more.

Lifeline Church, London England is actively into the following within the Punduru community:

  • Lifeline Fellowship Church – before and during COVID19
  • Cocoa planting – about 4000 cocoa planted and on 11 acres approximately
  • Pineapples planted
  • Banana planting about 225 planted
  • 200 plantains
  • The Junior Secondary school in Punduru
  • Animal husbandry



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