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AIMI Hybrid Education

Hybrid courses available with AIM Institute

AIM Institute has been providing training for Christian leaders since 2003. Our initial tactic was to send our instructors to teach a three-day intensive module in a local church. These intensive courses provided students with the opportunity to prepare for ministry while maintaining busy lives. Unfortunately, this approach provided limited opportunity for assignments and extended contact with the instructor. The Covid lock downs provided the opening to develop a hybrid approach.

Our hybrid approach allows AIM Institute to provide students with classroom and distance learning environments. In our new format, most courses are covered in the traditional semester of twelve weeks.

  • Instructor lectures are video recorded. Each week students watch a lecture video at their convenience and complete course assignments. This provides a college level of delivery of instruction.
  • A second course requirement is to attend a Zoom video conference meeting with the teacher and classmates each week. This provides a relational opportunity to draw from the experiences and wisdom of the instructor and classmates.

AIM Institute Curriculum

These courses have been offered or in the developmental stage. Please contact us if you have a particular interest in seeing specific courses repeated soon.

AIM Institute Courses


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