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2019 Hagerstown Men’s Leadership Summit Seeking for God’s Best

2019 Ministers Retreat The Power of the Gospel

2018 Ministers Retreat Piercing Darkness

Bill Davidson
Relational Penetration

John Guido
Building Bridges to Reach the Lost

Mark Buckley
We Pierce the Darkness with Light!

Tonya Person
God’s Protection and Strategy in Piercing the Darkness

Randy Vruggink
Piercing the Darkness: Small, Sharp, Short

Terry King
Penetrating Presence

2018 Hagerstown Men’s Leadership Summit Embracing Seasons of Change

2017 Ministers Retreat Standing Strong in the Face of the Weight of Ministry

John Guido
Fix Bayonets

Bill Davidson
Catching God Moments in the Mundane


Nancy McGuirk
God is Working in Washington DC

John Woodhouse
An Epic Journey Between Two Worlds


Susie Matos
Standing Strong in the Face of the Weight of Ministry

Pastors Panel
Randy Vruggink with Everette Frye, Wayne Patterson and Gary Paladin

2017 Texas Combining Fires Men’s Summit AIM Leaders speaking at the 2017 Texas Combining Fires Men’s Summit.

Terry King
Hearing His Voice: Demolishing Distractions

Randy Vruggink
God Speaks Through Faithful Companions

Bill Davidson
Hearing God in an Everyday Voice (Why Only Seek Me For The Big Things?)

John Guido
Hearing His Voice Brings Healing

2017 Hagerstown Men’s Leadership Summit Brokenness Needs Not Break Us / Walk With a Limp

Bill Davidson
Broken Down or Broken Open

Randy Vruggink
Restoring Your Calling

Sunday Taniegra
Brokenness as a Pathway for Greatness


Aspher Madziyire

Dan Wagner
Getting Rid of the Stones in Your Heart… Becoming Willing to Forgive

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