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Granite Shoals, TX, Jackie English

August 27th, 2020

Defusing Anger

These days it seems like I have an extra-short fuse. I find myself more easily caught up in anger and frustration by things in the news or on social media, and I can be triggered by a “crazy” remark from someone in my own social circle. But here is the interesting thing; anger is always a secondary emotion. Anger is triggered by FEAR. It is designed to give us the energy to fight or flee from an imminent threat. But, lately, I have also noticed the voice of the Lord interrupting my angry thoughts with a simple question, “Child, what are you afraid of right now? Can you trust me even with this? Fear not. I am with you.” And when I reaffirm my trust in Him, the angry feelings melt away. Remember, if you are angry, you are also afraid of something. Yes, you are. Turn your eyes back on Jesus. He is still the source of your help and hope.

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