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Hermeneutics – Biblical Interpretation

with Miguel Pabilonia
Methods and Principals of Biblical Interpretation

Hermeneutics is a study of the general principles of biblical interpretation as well as principles specific to certain genres of the Scriptures, such as parables and other figurative languages. Methods of Bible interpretation and Bible Study will also be discussed.

Week One

Week Two

  • Watch Video 2
  • Read: Chapter 1 “Interpreting the Scriptures” by Kevin Conner and Ken Malmin
  • Study Questions:
    • What has been your serious difficulty in Bible interpretation? How do you think this course could help solve it?
    • Which foundation for interpretation do you think must be seriously considered in Bible interpretation? Why?
    • Do you know the false doctrines circulating in your area? Can you pinpoint how they twist the Scriptures to make it appear to be favoring their doctrines?
    • What does the phrase “rightly dividing the Word of truth” mean in 2 Tim 2:15 (KJV)?
    • What is the proper interpretation of Ephesians 4:12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. Note the difference in the usage of commas in King James Version and New International Version. How does one comma change the meaning? Who are the ministers in the church according to this verse?

Week Three

  • Watch Video 3
  • Read: Chapter 2
  • Study Questions:
    • What is the aim of a biblical interpreter in applying principles of hermeneutics?
    • What legalistic interpretations have you encountered?
    • What can you say about this saying: “A text without a context is a pretext for a proof text.”
    • How or when does proof texting become a bad way of proving a theological position?
    • What do the two natures of Scriptures – human and divine – require of interpreters?

Week Four

  • Watch Video 4
  • Read: Chapter 3
  • Study Questions:
    • How are allegorical and mystical interpretations dangerous?
    • Should the Bible be regarded above man’s reason? Why?
    • How does the literal method consider the foundations for interpretation discussed in our session 2?
    • Who is Jesus in Titus 2:13? How do cults interpret/translate this text?

Week Five

  • Watch Video 5
  • Read: Chapters 5 & 6
  • Study Questions:
    • How important is context in interpretation? How broad is the issue of context in Biblical interpretation?
    • How important is the first mention of a word or topic in Scripture?

Week Six

  • Watch Video 6
  • Read: Chapters 8-10
  • Study Questions:
    • What does the words “Scripture interprets Scripture” tell us about God and His Word?
    • Why should we not build a doctrine in just one verse or passage from the Scriptures?

Week Seven

  • Watch Video 7
  • Read: Chapter 22
  • Study Questions:
    • Which rules do you find most important in interpreting parables?

    • How is context a necessary consideration in interpreting parables?

  • Assignment: Make a list of the parables from both the OT and NT

Week Eight

  • Watch Video 8
  • Read: Chapter 24
  • Study Questions:
    • What are the two types of prophecies in Scriptures? Why is it important to see prophecies in those two categories?
    • Can today’s preaching be considered prophecy? Why?

Week Nine

  • Watch Video 9
  • Read: Chapters 19 & 21
  • Assignments:
    • Make a list of the types of Christ in the OT. Identify in what way/s do they typify Christ.
    • Practice identifying the different kinds of parallelism in the Psalms.

Week Ten

  • Watch Video 10
  • Study Questions:
    • If you are to do a book or biographical study, which book/s or character/s would you choose first? Why?
  • Assignment: Begin reviewing for your final exam. It will involve both reading and video materials.

Week Eleven

  • Watch Video 11
  • Study Questions:
    • What biblical topics interest you so much that you would be willing to spend time to do a study on them?
  • Assignment: Keep reviewing for your final exam.

Week Twelve

  • Final Exam
  • Final discussion and challenge

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