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Jim Persons


July 20th, 2020

Jim and Tanya Person report from Hungary of two days of teacher training for Ellel, with 8 Hungarians attending locally in the centre in Hungary, and others attending from other parts of Central & Eastern Europe via Zoom. The teaching was also recorded so that it will be able to be used for training other new teachers in the region. It was such a privilege to be able to do this.

On our flight from Atlanta to St Louis, God put us in the same row with a lady who was very nervous to fly. Tanya ended up switching seats to sit next to her and pray with her and distract her by talking through the whole flight as Jim stayed on the other side of the plane interceding. God knew that lady needed someone with her for the flight and made sure we were in place to help her. At the end of the flight, she asked to have a picture taken with Tanya and thanked Jim for releasing Tanya to be with her for the flight. Flight attendants and other passengers also thanked Tanya for helping her. You just never know when God wants to do a miracle through you.

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