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Constant change is here to stay… and God has us back in the pastorate of Church of The King. With that ‘second call’ to this ministry He also supplied an amazing level of His equipping and enabling grace. Consequently, we feel stronger and fitter than we did 10 years ago and just as envisioned as ever. There is a second level of support which has helped enormously – the strong bond of friendship.




Bill left for Spain on November 3. He visited Pastor Patrick ‘Paddy’ & Ines Vine in Cox and their great congregation, then proceeded to Iglesia Bethel in Murcia (Pastor Israel Riquelme). Long-time friend Ismael Párraga had arranged to record some translated sections of The King’s School Drama Club’s presentation of Bill’s latest piece, “Forgiveness” (Perdón). After that, it was a short hop to Brussels and onto the only airline that flies into Liberia where visits to our first school, The Washington Tarpeh Academy (1st picture), were followed by our first opportunity to visit our latest Rise Liberia school in Frank Town (2nd picture) – educating children, most of whom were in school for the first time in their lives! We now owned several acres in Frank Town where we planned to house our Rise Liberia Coordinator, Barwea Toteh, and build the main campus for the High School, Job Training Center, Clinic, etc.

Wendy Soldiers On!

Wendy Luff attended our Ministry School over 30 years ago during which God called her to Colombia. Our ministry called ‘The Esperanza Foundation’ was already in place, but Wendy lifted it to a whole new level. She has been the ‘pastora’ of Iglesia Oasis for all of that time. Even though the church is now housed in a new building, it stands in the poverty and dysfunction of the poorest area of Bogotá. Please remember to pray for Wendy – a true hero of the faith – for the Oasis church and our Esperanza Foundation. ‘La Esperanza’

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