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Discover Your Leadership

with Terry King
Effective leadership that has enduring fruit must be based on the foundation of self-leadership.

The thesis of this course states that leadership begins within.  Effective leadership that has enduring fruit must be based on the foundation of self-leadership.  People will follow an individual who knows where he is going!  This course will focus on presenting principles of personal vision and leadership with a focus on how they relate to Christian leaders.

Week One

You are a leader, you have influence.

  • Watch Video 1
  • Orientation & Course Introduction
  • Download: Study Guide
  • Preparation Questions:
    • Do you consider yourself to be a leader? Do others?
    • What are the spheres of influence where you are demonstrating leadership?
    • Are there possibly others where you are not aware?
  • Recommended Reading: Rima Chapter 1

Week Two

Your leadership is a gift from God and flows from within.

  • Watch Video 2
  • List the key roles in your life (Son/daughter? Husband/wife? Employer/employee? Friend? Church member/leader? Etc.)
    • Imagine your funeral. What do you want each to say?
  • Preparation Questions:
    • Several Scriptures were given in the video. Choose at least one and prepare to comment on what it says to you during the Zoom debrief.

Week Three

Your Leadership is empowered by spiritual gifts.

  • Watch Video 3
  • Question:
    • What does it mean to you personally to read in Scripture that you were made in the image of God?
  • Take the Survey:
    • Spiritual Gifts Test  (The survey and a basic description is available without charge.)
    • List your top three. Read the description of each.
  • Questions: 
    • How do the results strike you? Surprised or confirmed?
    • Share with someone you trust and note their response.

Week Four

Your Leadership is founded upon your unique mix of values.

  • Watch Video 4
  • Consider the following list of values.
    • Choose 5 and then rank them in order of importance.
  • Question:
    • What did you learn about yourself in this exercise?
  • Recommended Reading: Rima Chapter 2 and George Chapter 5

Values Assessment

Order Love Wisdom
Sharing Spirituality Reliability
Respect Health Courage
Creativity Adventure Professionalism
Loyalty Responsibility Optimism
Hard Work Friendship Humility
Freedom (independence) Ambition Commitment
Patience Fame Self-esteem
Integrity and honesty Strength Empathy
Caring Trust Resilience
Recognition Courtesy Humor
Recreation Family Tolerance
Personal Development Relationships, Friendships Personal Security
Community Permanence Quality of Life
Equality Personal Growth Individuality
Achievement Community Honor
Economic Security Control (self-control) Learning, education
Harmony Productivity

Week Five

Your leadership is defined by boundaries which include convictions, and ethics.

  • Watch Video 5
  • List your top three convictions:
  • Questions:
    • What are three areas of temptation, vulnerability where you are tested?
    • What do you say to yourself when encountering these situations?
    • To whom are you accountable in these areas?

Week Six

Your leadership is effective when you build on your strengths.

  • Watch Video 6
  • Take the 16 Personalities Assessment
    • The result will be a type. What is your reaction to the description?
  • Take the Standout Assessment by Marcus Buckingham
    • Note your two top roles. Be sure to read the descriptions given, they may be different from your first impression.
  • Share with someone you trust and note their response.

Week Seven

Your Leadership is fulfilled when running your race.

  • Watch Video 7
  • The objective for the following sessions:
    • Each of us needs a compelling vision (What do I want to be? What do I look like?)
    • a defined mission (What is my purpose? What will I do with my life?)
    • a plan (How am I going to get there?)
  • Begin the process by considering what you have already heard.
    1. List any key scriptures which you consider to be life verses. Recall the situation in which they become special to you.
    2. What counsel have you received from individuals you look to as mentors or spiritual leaders?
    3. Outline key prophetic words which you have received.
    4. Outline key dreams in which you believe God has spoken to you.
    5. Outline other personal impressions.
  • Recommended Reading: Covey Habit 2, “Begin with the End in Mind”

Week Eight

Discover Your Leadership | Week 8 Coming Soon…

Your Leadership has a Purpose!

  • Watch Video 8
  • Review:
    • Review the previous sessions. Consider your spiritual gifts, values, convictions, what you have heard in the past and the results of the personality assessments.
  • Write:
    • Write a draft for your big picture personal mission/purpose statement.
    • Consider the characteristics of a purpose statement given in the video.
    • Consider using the following as a guide:
      • “I believe God has called me to [action] for [audience] by [skills] to [desired result].”
      • “I am called to help (group of people I have influence with) to (solve this problem) by
        (my unique solution that draws on my gifts, passion and experience).”
  • Recommended Reading: Rima Chapter 3

Week Nine

Discover Your Leadership | Week 9 Coming Soon…

You are responsible for your leadership.

  • Watch Video 9
  • Study the illustration below.
    • Where are you on the scale? Consider key areas of your

      • Time you get out of bed in the morning
      • Clothing you wear (dress codes at work, etc?)
      • Length of commute to work
      • Meetings
      • What I do at lunch
      • Free time

  • Questions:
    • What are the emotions that you feel when you are not in control of the events in your life?
    • Identify a situation in the past where you were tempted to be re-active. What is your plan to take responsibility?

Week Ten

Discover Your Leadership | Week 10 Coming Soon…

Your Leadership has direction, a plan.

  • Watch Video 10
  • Begin the process of building a self-management plan.
  • Questions:
    • Several time robbers were given in the video. To which one are you most vulnerable?
    • Study the four quadrants of the time matrix. Where are you spending most of your time? What is the trap that ensnares you?
      • Important and Urgent
      • Important but not Urgent
      • Not Important but Urgent
      • Not Important and Not Urgent
  • List 3 big picture objectives for the next 12 months from different areas of your life. (Consider family, work, church, personal, etc.) You may want to work on one key arena and write 3 objectives for it
  • Write a one month goal for each including the four key ingredients: measurable, accountable, significant and manageable.
  • Recommended Reading: Rima Chapter 4 and Covey Habit 3 “Put First Things First”

Week Eleven

Discover Your Leadership | Week 11 Coming Soon…

Leadership Resilience and Perseverance Depend on Personal Renewal.

  • Watch Video 11
  • What is your plan (objectives and goals) for personal renewal?
    1. Spiritual
    2. Emotional
    3. Relationships
    4. Physical
    5. Intellectual
  • Recommended Reading: Rima Chapters 6-9 and Covey Habit 7

Week Twelve

Discover Your Leadership | Week 12 Coming Soon…

  • Course summary, what did you discover?
  • Review Project Results

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